Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Metal-X Looks and Review + MAC Pro Video!

Howdy howdy howdy!

To start things off I wanted to let y'all know I made (finally) the MAC Pro Membership video. I've gotten so many requests and questions regarding how I got the card and how y'all can get it, so here's my answer! :)

For clarification, a few sweet people have messaged me on Youtube and have apologized about asking me about the card in a way that they thought I found offensive. So to clear things up, what I said in the video, about not needing to explain myself and my frustration was not directed at anyone who sincerely asked me about the card and how I got it; instead, I was getting these rude messages and comments, ones I deleted, saying "how the f*** did you get a pro card?!?!?! you f***ing poser.... f this, f that blah blah blah poo poo poo" ... okay the poo poo poo part is my own but THOSE were the people I was trying to address in that part. I just cleaned up their language since evidently they know a handful of curse words at best ;) And I'm sorry that I wasn't clear beforehand. I LOVE y'all to pieces, and I don't mind answering real questions, not questions posed just to mess with me and belittle me. So if you asked me about the pro card, and left out obscenities, I wasn't referring to you in my bitching part :P Here it is!


Has anyone tried to cookies at Starbucks? You know, the ones that have cute shapes and yummy frosting? They usually have a new shape and style each season.... anywhoodle, right now they have one of my fave animals, no not leopards or kitties, but PENGUINS! I don't know why I love penguins, maybe because my friends say I walk like one.... hahaha... but yeah I love 'em. This cookie was almost too cute to eat. ALMOST.

I scarred my stuffed penguin for life! I've had him since my 18th bday and still haven't named him :( lol... yeah I'm still a kid, don't hate :D

And I was messing around with my bangs.. what do y'all think if I wear my bangs straight down? Back in May I got a horrendous haircut. Originally the stylist was giving me straight down bangs, but he cut them into little strands of hair (?!?!?!?!?!). That's why most people of ABB and Specktra saw my pics with a hair pouf, to hide the HORROR! I'll have to post a picture sometime hehehe


I also did a review for the Metal-X Collection. I hope it's helpful!

Part 1

Part 2

As promised on the video, here's the swatches!


Pink Ingot Metal-X Shadow

When I was putting this on, I was so disappointed. It went on so sheer, no matter how much I packed it on. It reminded me of Fresco Rose Paint Pot. I had to layer on a pink shadow just to have some color. Like I said in the video review, it may just be my skintone which is why it blends in like nothing. *shrugs* I tried it on as a cheek tint though.... LOVES it! Pink Ingot gives a subtle pink flush with just a little bit of shimmer. It saved itself from being sent back to the MAC store :)

Revitalizing Charged Water
Strobe Cream
Fast Response Eye Cream
Studio Fix Fluid NC30 - w/187
Studio Finish Concealer NC20 - undereyes w/252
Studio Lights Frangipan - undereyes patted on with ring finger
Armani Micro-fil Powder
Fleurry Blush - apples blended up and out towards hairline with 136

Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader - filled in brows with Shiseido #6 brush
Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) - base all over lid to brow
Pink Ingot Metal-X Shadow - lid up to crease with 242
Pink Freeze e/s - over Pink Ingot with 239
Post Haste e/s - crease with 217
Phloof! e/s - highight with 227
Nightfish Fluidline - upper lashline with 266
Photograveure Techankohl Liner - waterline
Embronzed Glitter Liner - just below the lower lashline
Shiseido Mascara Base & Lifting Mascara

40s Pink Mattene Lipstick


Plum Electric

This is the one I wore in the videos I made. I was expecting it to be very vibrant, almost like amethyst. It didn't turn out that way though. It's pretty, but it doesn't impress me like 6th Sin. Also, it was a bit more clumpy than 6th Sin. Still a pretty color though and this one didn't crease too badly. Like I said, it only creases on my right eye near the corner because my eye naturally folds there, it's not noticeable unless my eyes are shut, if that matter at all :P Oh I put this on in the evening since I went to the university around 7:20 and all I wore was liner, mascara, and Strobe Cream set with powder. That's why I look all dead and sleepy :P

Renewal Defense Charged Water
Strobe Cream
Armani Micro-fil Powder
Emote Blush - contour with 168
Pink Ingot Metal-X Shadow - apples blended up and out with fingers

Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader
UDPP - base all over lid to brow
Beige-ing Shadestick - base lower lashline
Plum Electric Metal-X Shadow - lid to crease with 242
Satellite Dreams e/s - crease with 217
Parfait Amour e/s - lower lashline with 219
Rose Blanc e/s - highlight with 227
Embronzed Glitter Liner - upper lashline
Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline
Shiseido Mascara Base & Liftin Masacara

Soft Lust Lipstick



Out of all of the shadows, this one gave me the most trouble. Maybe it's just mine, but this was SO clumpy, not smooth like 6th Sin and the others. I literally had to moosh the clumps on my lid, which then left gaps of skin on my lid. Too much of a hassle and the color wasn't even that impressive. Oh well.

Youth Aura Charged Water
Fast Response Eye Cream
Studio Moisture Fix
Studio Tech Foundation NC35 - w/190se
Studio Finish Concealer NC20 - undereyes and cover blemishes with 252
Armani Micro-fil Powder - set foundation
NARS Laguna Bronzer - contour with 168
NARS Orgasm Blush - apples blended up & out towards hairline with 136

Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader
UDPP - base all over lid to brow
Beige-ing Shadestick - base lower lashline
Metalblu Metal-X Shadow - all over lid with 242
Electric Eel e/s - crease with 217
Freshwater e/s - lower lashline with 219
Ricepaper e/s - highlight with 227
Blacktrack Fluidline - upper lashline with 209
Embronzed Glitter Liner - over Blacktrack
Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline
Shiseido Mascara Base & Lifting Mascara

Pucker Tendertone


On to TV... I love watching TV. Anyways, I'm semi disappointed with the results of the Dancing with the Stars. On the one hand, I love Julianne (or whatever the blonde pro dancer's name is). She's so cute and spunky. But I'm a lifelong Spice Girls Fan (that's right!) so I wanted Scary Spice to win. Oh well. Gosh has anyone tried looking for tickets for the reunion tour of the Spice Girls? They are completely SOLD OUT! I want to try and find some, since who knows the next time they'll all be back together.

And lastly, please vote for Sam & Nicole! Or whoever you think should win... but I'm voting for Sam & Nicole!!!! :D

Anyways, have a great night y'all!


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephie! I love your blog. :)

Anyway, I had a question for you - how do you take your FOTDs? Everytime I try, my camera seems to wash out all the colors. :( And do you take your photos at night? If so, how do you do it? I always seem to have an ugly yellow cast on mine from the lighting.

Thanks so much! I always look forward to posts from you. :)

kileen said...

I love the Pink Ingot look on you! I actually went and bought Pure Ore and 6th Sin after seeing your FOTDs. The MA at my store actually recommended using the 217 brush instead of the 242 to apply the Metal-X shadows to prevent the clumping/balling of the eyeshadows as you mentioned in your vids.

Thanks again for posting! I may just go out and get Pink Ingot now... ;)

brightcoloredmakeup said...

Oh my so many FOTD's!! I love em. Especially the Plum Electic look & the Metalblu look. & I love the new bangs. Looks very chic on you. :D I'm pretty much lovin everything on here hahah. Especially the big stuffed penguin. So cute!!

<3 Tina [from BCM]

mei said...

hey beautiful! i'm becoming a bigger fan of yours each day! i LOVE the 6th sin on you sooo much. and the metalblu one is stunning. i love how you did that look. i know you're busy, but when you have free time, i'd be so grateful if you did a tutorial on that metalblu look. you're AWESOME with makeup. what would i do without you? ;)

mei said...

oh yeah, and wearing your bangs straight down is super cute. dang girl, you can pull off any look and color!!

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks sooooo great! What shampoo (and conditioner?) do you use?

Anonymous said...

What school program are you in? BBA? Why did you choose accounting?

Vanessa said...

awww you are so cute sis! thanks for the AWESOME shoutout! YOU are the sweetest, seriously it made me tear up! I swear if I had a wish to meet someone I never met before, it would be YOU! you are such a sweet gal and if you still lived here in Cali we would be eating and makeup shopping all the time! your the best sis ever (moreso than my actual real-life sisters haha).

And fuck those haters sis! I will kick their butts if they are messing with my family! They just hating because you are BEAUTIFUL, SMART, AND SWEET! Not too man people have all the 3. :)

Xuan Kristy said...

I really really like all of your blue looks. I feel really inspired each time you do a blue look to go out and buy makeup to play. hahaha, unfortunately I don't have the cash to do soo....but one day..I will hehee Love reading your blog

Anonymous said...

hi there, i've been your fan for awhile now. You're so pretty and i love all your makeup. Seriously, how could you achieve your skill in just several months! Keep up the good work, and i'll always keep checking back again for new blog. Take care! *Rachel

cindy said...

I love all the looks on you. My favorite is probably 6th sin and Metalblu...looking forward to what you can do with Pure Ore. I purchased Plum Electric, 6th Sin, and Goldspice and can't wait to try them out. You really inspire me with your creativity and you have this great way of pairing up colors and blending!! Thanks for posting all those fotds...I get so excited when I see them =)

Liza said...

OMG! You are like the cutest thing ever! I discovered your videos a few days ago and I just looove you. Seriously you are disgustingly cute and a very sweet girl!

Lots of hugs from SWEDEN and your new reader Liza ;)

Maricris Carolino said...

I love those colors! Especially Metablu ( or was it Metablu? ) Haha, been a few seconds and I already forgot.. So much for my so called memory. But I love your blog, cant say that enough. & regarding your review on the 'whatever-haters', I think they're jealous bitches with no life. Bunch of insecure-asses if you ask me, it's so obvious! But keep it up K? You're waay good.

Lani said...

hey stephie!! so glad u finally got around to doing the pro card vid. i've been contemplating on whether or not i should give it a shot and i mean what the hell, the worst that could happen would be that i'd get rejected but it wouldn't really matter because i'd still spend as much as i already do on MAC. lol. but i really want it because of the ridiculous amount of money i spend on them. lol. well, we'll just have to see. i'll never know until i try. but anyways, thanks again for the vid, you are so fucking cute! (excuse my profanity, i am a potty-mouth) oh and i was stoked that u stopped by my blog. :) i'm in love with ur FOTDs. they're all beautiful as always! take care hun!

Lani said...

oh one last question that i've been meaning to ask, sorry if you answered this already somewhere, somehow. but what kind of camera do you have? ur pics always turn out good.

Anonymous said...

Hey Stephie! I've been a lurker of your blog for a few weeks now. You are super cute! You sold me on those metal x shadows. I really want to get some but I have to stop myself from buying them because I have to save up to buy Christmas presents! I know you're a makeup guru, but could you maybe show us more of your fashion and style? It would be cool to see how you put your outfits together to match your makeup! You're an awesome make up artist and you'll be working at MAC in no time! I see a bright future ahead of you not only with makeup but in school too! Good luck on finals and I hope you enjoy the holidays!

PS: What kind of camcorder do you use? I was thinking of getting one for my boyfriend for Christmas.

imoutofit said...

screw the haters...they're mad cuz you got a pro card and they don't!

Keep up the good work and I know you've inspired tons of people...may it be through youtube, ABB, or specktra.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to make these videos and take pictures- I really enjoy your blog! 6th sin looks really beautiful on you! lol about the "ate" thing. I say it the same way. haha


You must own Happy Feet right? Me and my girls watch it all the time. I think I might enjoy it more then they do actually :P Even though it was after a long day I think you looked cute in the purple look for the video response. Love the blog!!!

nicola said...

Hey Stephie, I've become an avid reader of your blog lol, hope you dont mind! I love all the three looks you have there. I wish I had the talent you got. You look hawwwt ;-)

Kay said...

Hola~ I just wanted to say..the blue is so gorgeous. I, personally am scared to wear such bright colors but you make me want to give it a try :P

christianadivine said...

Very pretty looks. I love them all. :]

Ly said...

WOW! im definitly gonna go get some now! lol and im a little curious...whats your fave foundation out of all the ones you use? cuz it seems like you have so many! k toodles! :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephie ! I lovee this collection ! I'm going to pick up 6th sin. ITS GORGEOUS ! possibly pure ore and Plum electric !<33 I just wanted to ask if you could post up a vid of your SKIN CARE. like the cleansers, toners, moisturizer you use B4 applying any makeup ! LOL for the strobe cream, do you put that on by itself or do you like put it over moisturizer and whatnot? THANKS ! you're beautiful =)

Alice said...

Hey Stephie, I always love all the new looks that you come up with and you are just really photogenic and I just wanted to say that your videos help out a lot too. I didn't really start wearing any other colors except neutrals and then after I saw how nice bright colors looked on you, I just wanted to try them out and be a little more adventurous. I think that I get scared when I try bright colors on myself and think it looks bad but then I realized that's only because I'm not used to seeing those kinds of colors on myself. So I feel like I should thank you for giving me some inspiration to try other colors! Good luck on finals!

Divine Blackness said...

Great post, love! You covered a lot. I absolutely love how Plum Electric looks on you....still debating on whether I should get up on Metal X. I haven't actually seen them in person but I know I'll loose my mind when I go in the store. LOL, that always happens to me.

I'm glad that you can set people straight (refering to the Pro Card vid). I didn't think you sounded bitchy at all. No one should make you feel two inches tall....especially if they don't know you. Ahhh hatas---let them be your motivation. Keep up the mature attitude because I know it's hard.

And positive vibes on those exams. I just graduated in August and I soooo don't miss those. But I'm studyin' for the GRE so at the same time I feel your pain. *gulp*

sweetxtornado said...

OMG! you look cho cute with you bangs down. im totally loving the metalblu makeover. YOU ROCK GIRL!

MrsPeach said...

Love Love Love the EOTDs..I was contemplating getting any of the Metal X shadows, but you have inspired me to pick up a few. Do you think if I used the fig 1 and signed sealed from the matte2 shadows that they would go well with that purple metal x color? And would you recommend a 242 or 217? I hear mixed things. Thanks girl!

Anonymous said...

I like the bangs on you. Every year or so, I go through a crazy period where I get a wild haircut that usually includes bangs.
Luckily, they grow out fast.

May I ask what type of eyelash curler you use? I was also wondering if you could do a tutorial on putting on mascara.

Lorie said...

Loved this entry. Great colors! I can finally view your blog again. My work had blocked it! Anywho my ? is best advice for getting samples? I rarely ask for them when I purchase things from MAC, but is it uncouth to ask for pigment samples?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love Penguin too!:D
Haha, when I saw your penguin cookie pics, I thought it was so cute.(x
Anywho, I think you dealed really well with the haters that was hatin' on your pro card.(: You def. deserve it with your skillz on make-up.
Oh yeah, and the words I think your looking for in your shouting out, is probably 'showin' some love' to the people you are shouting out to.(x

Chloe said...

I think you look so much cuter with bangs down! I was wondering what FOTD stands for? Aahaha.

Anonymous said...

Whats the point of a procard??

Mrs. Lynne said...

Hey darlin'. You're so funny!! I have to say your attempt at "ate" is exactly how I sound saying ANYTHING in tagalog, hah.

I used to work for Starbucks back in the day and I always wanted to be the first to break into the boxes that had the cookies and Barista bears, lol.

Anyhow, loving all the Metal-X looks. I'm glad I didn't get Pink Ingot (I almost did). If it was coming off sheer on your skintone, I can only imagine on mine. Although as a blush, that sounds nice and may need some reconsideration. hhmmm...

I really like the Metalblu look. Even though it gave you trouble, you CANNOT tell at all! It's gorgeous. I had trouble with some of the shadows doing that clumpy action which I find really unattractive. But the colors are so pretty, I'm kind of willing to put up the fight for it, lol.

Keep up the good work!

anipouh said...

heyyy, its n0uxbabe on youtube and just wanted to say how marvelous the shade of blue looks good on you (( if we can say it )) :) love your reviews and tuts <3

RF said...

Hi Stephie

I love the blue eyes on you in particular! Also - I think the bangs look cute!

I am definately going to get the metal x shadows - were you not impressed by the silvery/white shades?

RF @ http://mostly-makeup.blogspot.com/

Stephie said...

anonymous: i take my pics whenever really :) i ensure that the macro setting is on, then i take them about 7-10 inches away, and about six inches away for the eye close ups. i hope this helps :)

kileen: thanks so much for the tip! i tried it out with my pure ore today except i used the 224... and it turned out better! i just had to use the 242 to shade it in all the way, but it was still pretty good! :)

tina: thanks dear :) i love my penguin too :D

mei: you're a sweetie :D & i'll definitely do more tuts on the looks once i have the time.

anonymous: i use tressemme but just yesterday i tried out suave, so i'm hoping it will work well! i love using bath and body works moonlight path but i haven't had time to go and get some more.

anonymous: i go to UT arlington, and yeah i'm currently going for my bachelors, then masters. my mom helped me to find accounting. i like the analytical aspect of it and i want to get into auditing since i hear they travel alot. however i've been rethinking things right now since i'm still officially an undeclared business major. i have a few more hours to accumulate then i can declare my major. anyways, i was thinking about management or being a buyer for a company.... i still need to research it a bit more before i decide but i think my path will be to auditing for ernst and young :)

aww ate <3 you :D

xuan, rachel, cindy, liza: thank y'all sweeties! <3

maricris: lol your memory was fine :D

lani: thanks girlie :D i think we all have a potty mouth at times hehehe... i use a sony cybershot dsc-w70 digital camera :)

anonymous: thanks for the suggestion, and i think i will try to show my style and stuff :) oh and i use a sony cybershot dsc-w70 digital camera.

imoutofit and anon: lol thanks!

<3shawnta: sadly i haven't seen it yet! but i plan to buy happy feet soon... i LOVE penguins hehehe

nicola, kay, christinadivine: thank you :D

ly: i love giorgio armani luminious silk foundation because it goes on so smoothly and gives me a nice glow. also it is buildable in coverage... it just costs too dang much! from MAC i'm in love with studio tech. it's so smooth and easy to apply. also it feels uber moisuturizing :)

anonymous: i made the video, i just need to post it lol :)

divine blackness: thanks dear, i need the vibes :) ugh i cannot wait til finals are over. i just want to put this semester behind me! good luck to you on your GRE... what test is that for again?

sweetxtornado: thank you :)

mrspeach: i think both of the shadows you mentioned would work great. especially since the metal-x is already shimmery, you don't want to detract the attention from that (at least i don't lol) and using a matte2 shadow would definitely complement it. i use both the 217 and 242. on some of the shadows like 6th sin and pink ingot, the 242 was fine. i like the 224 for them, it works very well for either.

anonymous: i use a tarte curler and LOVE it. i will definitely do a tut on mascara, thanks for the idea!

lorie: i don't think its uncouth at all, as long as you're buying something. i haven't asked for many samples but i'm sure you could just ask to try something out and they would be fine with giving it to you. i just think as long as your purchasing something and the sales person isn't in a rushed or bitcy mood, it should be fine! :) plus you never will know if you don't try, so go ahead and do it :)

anonymous: LOL that's the phrase! hahaha i'll be sure to "show some love" to you too for helping me out with the words :)

chloe: it stands for face of the day. eotd is eye of the day. fotn is face of the night and eotn is eye of the night. :)

anonymous: it gives benefits to cosmotology workers such as classes to improve ones skills, discounts for products especially for makeup artists who are building their makeup kits, and it gives a network for people with the same passion to swap tips, experiences, and what not. you can find more info at macpro.com and i hope this answers your question.

mrs.lynne: thanks ate :D hehehe i'll only write it from now on!!!! hehehe if you ever work for starbucks again, hook a sista up :P

anipouh: hey girl! thanks and sure you can say it hehe lol :)

rf: i figured that i didn't really need it... i may change my mind but i'm not really into frosty white colors. :)

sohyon said...

hey stephie :)
i wouldnt mind if u posted my result pix.... but just to say i didnt have most of the stuff that u used so it didnt turn out so well....and guess what??? i bought the urban decay primer potion today ...so excited to try it out :)

Rona Ann said...

Hey Stephie! I loved your last fotd. I'm so jealous of your eyelining skills because when I line my upper lashline, I always feel like they're uneven. Anywho, I hope you feel better about the haters. I know that you can't please everyone so just don't even trip about em. I also had a question about the pro card. If you don't get it, will they still take your check? Anyways, I'll talk to you soon!


alien man?! said...

You are absolutely the cutest blogger I know, video or text-wise, haha. I LOVE how you did all the looks here, esp. the purple. Your skills have definitely evolved exponentially and you can color me impressed!

I got a proposal for you and my fellow beauty bloggers (already suggested this to nessa and fei). We should all post a picture of ourselves wearing our favorite masks or peels on our blogs and link each other! Nessa's down. I think it'd be fun!

mich said...

Hi Stephie! I discovered your blog recently and let's just say I've become a fan in a very short period of time :) I think Plum Electric looks gorgeous on you. Congrats on the Pro card girl, you definitely deserve it!

snowkei said...

hey Stephie. I viewed ur video and suddenly heared my name!!!feel shy now :$ maybe we should exchange our messenger? what would u think about the idea ?:P

Ly said...

Thanks! do you think the GA luminious silk foundatiion is good for dry skin? have you tried GA hydro glow foundation? how is that different? thanks!

jusL said...

those metal x colours looks awesome on you! i really love the blue on you. i tried them out at MAC today...

readers from London, house of fraser is doing 10% off for today and tomorrow!!!

duckee2807 said...

Hey gorgeous, just dropping in to say hi, and that the new FOTDS with the Metal-x goodies are amazing. Contrary to your belief, I think that Metal-Blu looks amazing on you and is my fav <3

Stephie said...

sohyon: thanks a bunch girl! i hope you love the udpp :) and your look came out awesome btw!!! :D

rona ann: thanks sweetie! if you don't get accepted i assume they would send your check back. they definitely wouldn't keep it.

alienman: i'm down too :) so we just take pics with the mask on, then use it to link each other? y'all will prolly have to help me out on linking since i suck at it hehehe :) i'm going to tell thoa (chic makeup) about it too so she can do it :)

mich: thanks girl! and thanks for looking at my blog :) i got the card in august, but i appreciate the congrats in any case :D

snowkei: lol don't feel shy :D i just love to say hi on videos hehehe... ya, my AIM is stephienese so just im me sometime if you like :)

ly: i think it would be good for dry skin. it's very smooth on my skin and doesn't get too oily or too dry either. definitely just try it and hopefully it will work well for you. just be sure to always were moisturizer, under any foundation :) and i haven't tried the other armani foundation. i've only tried the LSF... i want to try the matte foundation later.

jusl: omg i wish i lived in london!!!!! :)

emily: awww thanks so much :) i think if i pack on the metalblu i'll like it more.

Leelee said...

Hi Stephie! It's been a while since I've last commented..but I definitely enjoy reading your blogs and (when I actually have time) watching your videos!
Guess what?! I'm actually in Dallas for the first time in 13 years. I'm on a business trip, but it's cool to finally come back and see what's changed! Just wanted to give another fellow Texan some love =)

Stephie said...

leelee: welcome home sweetie :) have fun while your in town!

Anonymous said...

hi!! i was jus wondering.. do you use MAC's mineralize satinfinish? what's your opinion on it? i'm currently using bareminerals, but since its winter, my skin is feelin kinna dry and i wanna use a liquid foundation. i'm prone to breaking out, so i'm scared to try out new foundations. help!

RenRen said...

hey stephie, i could of sworn i posted this before but i guess i was tripping...but anyhow...thanks for posting this video, it's so helpful. i've been really trying to plan and get into freelance work, and i'm working on building my kit and starting small with stuff like formals, and fashion shows around the area, especially since i'm around a lot of schools. a dilemma i'm running into however, is trying to get enough makeup shades to suit a range of skin tones...specifically, stuff like foundation, concealer and blush. how did you go about doing this? like when you do makeup at fashion shows? did you buy individual foundation colors or buy a premade palette? any help is appreciate ms. guru, i look to you for your wisdom...love yah girl!

Kuuipo1207 said...

That's one thing that I kinda hate about the net....how emotion gets lost over it. But oh well.

ROFL, your penguin cookie and pictures are too cute! Especially the one with your stuffed penguin next to the cookie! Classic! HAHA!

Beautiful FOTDS using the Metal X collection. Your pictures make it really hard for me to want to say no to them! :)

mei said...

hey girl! i just tried the smoking eyes look, but it didnt turn out as nice as yours in your tutorial!! i really need to practice! i'm so amazed at how well you do makeup. and i noticed that you havent been doing this for that long. you're such a natural. i wish you lived in california, where i'm from. i'd totally be your friend! love the new videos, btw. they're cute as always!

Angie said...

Hey girl! u look amazing in all of those metal-x shadows!! sorry i haven't been on to view cuz i am super stressed out over school. btw, that penguin white chocolate is sooo damn cute hahahah. i am thinking of running out to get one myself lol. oh and the bang is cute but I think u look much sweeter (and hotter :P) if u sweep them to the side like u always do. can't wait until school is over so i can be on ur blog the whole day hahah.

Anonymous said...

The bangs are cute - but I prefer your swept side bangs better! :)
I absolutely LoveLoveLove the blue shadow at the end - it looks gorgeous on you - in fact, I love all of the blueish, greenish tones on you - the cool tones look great as the colors highly contrast with your skin tone. Anyway, keep up the good work Steph - you are getting soo incredibly popular - you have such amazing talent that needs to be recognized!!! love it! :)

Elizabeth said...

i rkn you suit the short fringe!!!ls2bv

Elizabeth said...

i rkn you suit the short fringe!!!

dollhouse said...

hi stephie! i've been reading your posts on ABB for a few weeks now and i have to say, i LOVE your blog... i always check for updates. i am really liking the metalblu on you, i'm thinking about getting some msyelf. thank you so much for all the work you've put into this. mm but i have a question.. what kind of eyelash curler do you use? i used to have a shu but i switched to a shiseido but i'm still finding that my (wimpy asian) eyelashes fall flat after a night out. or maybe you just have super-lashes :X anways kickassss blog here :)

Anonymous said...

oohh ohhhhhh pleaseee do a tutorial on the blue/green loook pic you have thereeeeeeeeeeeeee...i love it a lot!! :D :D

Anonymous said...

loooove it!!!

Melissa said...

Hi Stephie! i love your blog it's so prettyyy!:D I brought a MAC Select Sheer pressed powder NC30 like two days ago and the lady said that was my colour so the next day i put the powder on over my normal moisturiser(clear) i use every morning and it made my skin look so 'orange' :( i don't understand why though, my skin is kinda yellow but really light type maybe she choose the wrong colour i dunno.. do think i can take it back to exchange to another colour?

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your skin care routine....my skin type is just like yours and you convinced me to try the clinique toner - after using it just ONE time, i felt a difference so thank you so much for sharing!!!