Saturday, September 29, 2007

I Love Him

My honie is absolutley amazing. I seriously don't realize it sometimes, since I'm used to his awesomeness, but I really am thankful for him. Since I was sick today (after the above picture), he just held me & tucked me in. He's a sweetheart & I love him. Enough said.


  1. Stephie, that is so sweet you have a man who loves you. It's always the little things that they do we take for granted. But in times of need, these little things totally melt our hearts! Hope you feeling better girl. Lots of vitamins, and lay off with the stress about grades. That can get keep you sick even longer.

  2. Stephie cakes! I miss you, I was reading your other blogs since I didn't know you had blogspot, and don't let those other hater girls get to you, jealous girls are just that, jealous and envious. You are beautiful, smart, and have A LOT going for you!

    And that's so cute that your bf is taking good care of you! He is lucky to have you too! You guys are so adorable!

    I am not sure about the pushed back release date on the Alexander McQueen Collection, I DID hear about that on the 'net, but the store near me said they would have it next week, unless the guy didn't know himself, i'll call tomorrow and let you know, and I am preparing a blog entry for your dollymix request, I actually used it in my "Ganguro Doll FOTD", anyway, feel better cutie! :)

  3. Awww... Sickies Sucks!!! But at least you have a great BF takin' care of you. Hope you Feel better soon!!!


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